Admaflex 300


The Admaflex300 Multi-Material printer allows for the production of parts containing combinations of ceramics, polymers and metals. The system allows an almost entirely free choice in development of multi-functional (co-sinterable) composites. You can think of combinations such as electrically conductive/insulating, dense/porous, transparent/opaque, magnetic/non-magnetic parts, bioinert/bioresorbable implants, or structures with tailored hardness/fracture toughness. Ceramics parts with polymer sacrificial support or metals parts with polymer sacrificial supports are possible as well. These combinations can be achieved within single layers, as well as between layers, providing a huge design freedom.

The Admaflex 300 is an open system that provides full control of the printing process, with ability to customize and optimize parameters before and during the printing process. Print jobs with settings can be prepared and stored on a centralized data server and sent to the printer.

For traceability of the printing process, log files are stored automatically. The machine opens up the opportunity to use commercial available materials and the flexibility to develop own materials. A unique standard software feature is the “multi-part printing”, that enables you to control light exposure settings for each individual layer and for each individual part, speeding up your development.


    • Build volume: 90 x 56 x 280 mm, up to 102 x 64 x 280 mm
    • Layer thickness: 10 – 200 µm, depending on material type
    • Build speed: Up to 300 layers/hr
    • Material container volume: 1200 ml
    • Zero-point clamping system build platform fixture

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