The BOD2 3D printer is the fastest 3D construction printer on the market, with a print speed of up to 1000 mm/s. Without a safety fence, the printer can be operated at speeds of up to 250 mm/s. The speed makes the technology even more competitive compared to traditional construction technology.

The re-engineered tangential steel nozzle enables an unprecedented dimension of control of the surface quality and texture. By continuously following the movement direction of the printhead, the nozzle has the functionality of smoothing or texturing the walls as it prints.

To ease the process of compliance with industry standards as well as open up to a wider spectrum of materials, the BOD2 has been developed to print with a wide range of materials. This also enables our customers to use materials that are approved by local authorities. The extruder can handle up to 10 mm aggregates and thus print with real concrete and not just mortars.


    • Max. printing length: No limit
    • Max. printing width: 14.6 m
    • Max. printing height: 8.1 + height of the concrete bases to which the printer is mounted
    • Max. printing speed: 1,000 mm/s
    • Layer width: 30-300 mm

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