C3600 Ultimate


The C3600 ULTIMATE is an industry-oriented model dedicated for serial printing that provides everything for one to reach mass scale of production. For example, the machine boasts a smart feeding algorithm due to a special pressure tank providing uniform material distribution over the build platform, automated cleaning system simplifying the working process, reusable consumables making for increasingly cost-effective green manufacturing, thoughtful design, and handy upgrade from the smaller C101 EASY FAB model with the similar feeding mechanism.

Apart from the mentioned benefits, the C3600 ULTIMATE features a large build chamber alongside four powerful independent lasers ensuring accurate and consistent outputs, which makes it perfect for the majority of workshops and manufacturing facilities. The flexible multi-purpose software with a set of user-friendly tools, such as the unique Free Link support technology, allows for intuitive file preparation and slicing.


    • Build volume: 600 x 600 x 300 mm
    • 60 µm laser spot diameter
    • 0.025-0.125 layer thickness
    • 4 UV lasers light source
    • 405 nm UV wavelength
    • SLA technology


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