Carbon L1

Carbon 3D

The L1 printer is a proven tool for product designers, engineers, and manufacturers who need to consistently produce large parts or many smaller parts. Offering over 1,000 cm² of build area, the L1 printer produces large parts in single prints, or many small parts for high-throughput production.

Produce functional prototypes quickly, then move to high-volume production on the same system.

The L1 is making history in additive manufacturing, scaling production to the millions of parts for companies like Adidas, Specialized, and Riddell. Additionally, dental labs are utilizing the L1 printer to quickly ramp up clear-aligner model production.

    • Build volume: 400 x 250 x 460 mm
    • 160 µm pixel resolution
    • Compatible materials: silicone, resin, photopolymers
    • Digital light synthesis (DLS) engine
    • Extruder types: Dual, Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX), Multiple Extruders (3+) and Pellet Extruder
    • Heated build chamber

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