Carbon M1

Carbon 3D

Offering the same speed, accuracy, and reliability as the larger M2 printer, the M1 enables any company to unlock the benefits of producing parts using the groundbreaking Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (Carbon DLS) process at an affordable price. The M1 printer is compatible with all one-part resins, third-party resins, and dual-cure resins that do not require heating during the print.

Small batch sizes and fast print times are perfect for printing a high mix of low-volume applications throughout the day, such as functional prototypes in multiple dual-cure resins, or multiple dental applications.

    • Build volume: 141 x 79 x 326 mm
    • 75 µm pixel resolution
    • Works with DLS (direct light synthesis)
    • Compatible materials: Resin, EPU 40 (polyurethane elastomer), FPU 50 (Flexible Polyurethane), Rigid Polyurethane (RPU), Cyanate Ester (CE), Urethane Methacrylate (UMA)

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