Carbon M2

Carbon 3D

Go from prototype to production on the same machine. Offering speed, accuracy, and a medium build platform size, the M2 is well suited for a wide range of applications. It is our highest resolution printer and is ideal for smaller parts with intricate features such as threading or internal channels.

The M2 allows for cost-effective production with no minimum volumes, and has a built-in print planner that optimizes every build, assigning variable print speeds to match the part’s needs.

    • Build volume: 189 x 118 x 326 mm
    • 75 µm pixel resolution
    • Print Engine: Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP)
    • Compatible materials: MPU 100, EPU 40, EPU 41, SIL 30, RPU 70, FPU 50, CE 221, EPX 82, UMA 90, DENCTA Denture (Base, Teeth, Try-in), Dreve FotoDent, Whip Mix Surgical Guide, DPR 10

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