Conflux 1


Conflux 1 is an easy-to-use, fast, and affordable end-to-end metal additive manufacturing solution.

The Conflux 1 is ready to go without need for a dedicated operator and no additional equipment for powder handling, stress relieving, support removal or furnace chilling. Independent Dual Extruders allow Conflux 1 to print two materials in the same print, and feedstock cartridges can be stored at any fill level. Stainless steel feedstock containers are reused through our cartridge exchange program.

Prepare prints with your preferred slicer or use Rapidia Cura with added support generation tools. Slicing profiles are tuned for optimal results on Conflux 1, but all settings remain unlocked to give users full control.

Users may also create custom Conflux 1 Furnace cycles for vacuum heat treating, vacuum brazing, or specific sintering needs.

    • Independent Dual Extruder
    • Refillable stainless-steel cartridges; 1L/ 1000 cc of paste
    • Reusable flexible stainless steel sheet print plate
    • Print speed: ~50 g / hour (316L, 17-4PH)
    • Build volume: 200 mm x 240 mm x 150 mm

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