DM P2500

Desktop Metal

The DM P2500 is a sturdy workhorse where no efforts have been spared to make it as accurate as possible. The automatically calibrated moving parts in the DM P2500 have an accuracy of 1 µm, which vouches for excellent repeatability in serial production. In addition, great focus has been addressed to making the platform as stable as possible to assist best accuracy.

With a building volume of 250 x 217 x 70/186 mm, the DM P2500 allows a fast, flexible and cost-effective production of metal parts directly from CAD data.

Made for serial production and prototyping, the DMP 2500 prints without support structures, which will minimize your need for post processing and increase productivity as well as powder utilization. No support structure and less than 1 mm distance needed between components, enables multiple level printing in one print box. This increases your productivity without sacrificing time.

With an average surface quality of Ra 6 µm directly after completion, time spent on post-processing is kept at a minimum.

    • Build volume: 250 x 217 x 70 mm or 250 x 217 x 186 mm
    • Change over time between prints: 15-25 min
    • Material circulation with no degradation
    • Material deposition: re-coating with powder applicator

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