EOS M 300-4


The EOS M 300-4 enables flexible adaptation to all individual requirements through various degrees of automation, helping to ensure an optimized workflow.

Designed for industrial applications, the EOS M 300 Series offers multiple configuration options combined with safety and security features enabling digital Additive Manufacturing. The platform offers the flexibility to choose the degree of automation that best suits your needs for an optimized workflow as well as the option to easily ramp-up as demand increases.

The exceptional laser and performance stability ensures consistent part quality over the entire build space, including full coverage of overlaps. With up to four precision fiber lasers work over a 300 x 300 mm area, each laser covers the entire space.

    • Build volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm
    • Four 400 W Yb-fiber lasers
    • 4 F-theta-lenses and 4 high-speed scanners
    • Approx. 100 µm focus diameter
    • 2 dispenser modules: Flexible Dispenser for fast and easy material change, and Integrated Dispenser for automated feeding enabling closed loop powder supply.

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