J5 DentaJet


The J5 DentaJet is versatile and powerful dental 3D printer for medium to large dental labs. Designed to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and create more dental parts with less handling — all with the precision, accuracy, and realism you can expect from Stratasys.

Small enough to fit in small and medium sized labs but designed with a larger print tray to create more parts in a compact, lab-friendly environment. Unattended operation, fewer changeovers, less touch-time to load and minimal post-processing reduces manual labor while maximizing output.

The DentaJet is designed with a print tray to create more highly accurate, full-color, parts from different materials — in a single print — without sacrificing patient-specific accuracy.


    • Build volume: 140 x 200 x 190 mm
    • Layer thickness: Horizontal build layers down to 18 μm
    • Temperature:  18–25° C; relative humidity 30 – 70% (non-condensing)
    • Material volume: 5.32 L

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