The LUTUM 5 is the only dedicated 3d Clay printer with a 32bit operating system, 7″ touchscreen, wifi connection, operations timer, Hiwin mechanics, Igus chainlink and data cables and a 4mm thick Stainless steel print surface and variable output stainless steel clay extruder.

This Professional 3d Ceramics printer is assembled with the highest quality parts. It’s our goal to offer you the most reliable machine to print with clay. The LUTUM 5 printer is even better than the LUTUM Pro, and it can can still grow with you and cross all current clay production boundaries. We welcome you to use it and let your imagination run free.

The LUTUM 5 is operated via the attached control box. For usability it’s a wired separate unit, with a clear menu structure to quickly give your machine de correct commands. The LUTUM 5 has an Aluminum control box with a 7″ Touch screen.

Files (in .gcode format) can be sent to the printer over your wifi network and stored on the internal 32GB memory card. You can navigate the files within the control box or via a (local) web server.


    • Build volume: 25 mm x 25 mm x 40 mm, up to 40 mm x 46 mm x 80 mm
    • Stainless steel multi-extruder (v10 clay extruder)
    • Max. cartridge size: L – 2kg
    • IR bed level sensor
    • Automated bed leveling compensation
    • Option to install 3rd stepper motor on head for robo-casting


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