Mars 3


Mars 3 is ELEGOO’s first ultra-4k high-precision, compacted-size desktop LCD resin 3D printer.

It uses a 6.6-inch ultra-4K high-resolution monochrome LCD, an upgraded COB UV light source structure, and a new release film 2.0 for printing. It’s equipped with an Ultra 4K 6.6-inch monochrome LCD with a resolution of 4098 x 2560.

Compared with ordinary 2K LCD 3D printers, its printing volume is 37% higher than the Mars 2, XY accuracy is up to 35 microns (30% higher), meaning higher printing efficiency, more stable performance, and less maintenance.

With 36 highly integrated LED lights and a newly designed free-form surface lens, the light uniformity exceeds 90%, bringing more precise printing dimensional accuracy.


    • Build volume: 143.43 mm x 89.6 mm x 175 mm
    • Layer thickness: 0.01-0.02 mm
    • UV integrated light source (405 nm wavelength)
    • 0.035 mm XY resolution
    • 0.00125 mm Z axis accuracy

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