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Black Buffalo 3D’s NEXCON 1G construction printer provide developers, contractors, governments and NGOs with technology and materials designed to save time and money over traditional building methods.

The NEXCON 1G printer was developed in global partnership with mechanical engineering and construction experts to address the needs of tomorrow but do so today, going beyond a single story to maximize utility of printed buildings and structures.

In addition to being fast, the NEXCON 1G delivers on-site job versatility by utilizing a motion- centric modular gantry design capable of yielding more efficient structures that provide the greatest printable area without sacrificing print quality. The multi-axis gantry system is capable of printing structures up to 3 stories high and is optimized to generate accurate prints for any 3D-modeled design that can be created using conventional CAD software.


    • Build area: 26′ 3″ x 26′ 3″ x 26′ 3″
    • Nozzle diameter size: 1.38-1.97 in
    • Silo capacity: 10 tons
    • Max. printing speed: 9.8 in/s
    • Semi-automatic rotor pump and pump software

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