Onyx Pro


Capable of 3D printing Fiberglass-reinforced parts 10x stronger than ABS — the Onyx Pro leverages the power of Continuous Fiber Reinforcement at a competitive price point.

Print Continuous Fiberglass-reinforced parts 10x stronger than ABS — extremely durable and capable of replacing some machined aluminum parts. This professional 3D printer features a unibody aluminum chassis and precision-machined components to deliver lights-out reliability over thousands of print hours. Print precise parts with near flawless surface finish thanks to Onyx, Markforged’s extremely versatile micro carbon fiber filled nylon material.

The Onyx Pro uses Markforged’s patented Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) technology to fuse continuous strands of fiberglass into parts, making them suitable for demanding engineering applications like high-strength tools and fixtures. Industrial grade performance starts with an all-aluminum unibody chassis built around an ultra-flat gantry system. Add a machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling, and a precision ground print bed and you get best-in-class reliability and surface finish.

The no-wifi version is built to comply with specialized regulatory and IT requirements.


    • Build volume: 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm
    • Layer height: 100 μm
    • Continuous Fiber Reinforcement technology
    • 100-200 μm Z-layer resolution
    • Precision ground composite print bed

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