Photon M3


The Anycubic Photon M3 is an entry-level machine with excellent quality and a build volume that’s roomy enough for most makers.

With a 7.6-inch high quality monochrome screen, the printing volume of the Photon M3 is up to 180 mm x 163.9 x 102.4 mm. With an ultra-high resolution of 4,096 x 2,560 pixels, it is capable of producing parts with high dimensional accuracy and intricate detailing.

The new build plate has a texturized checkerboard pattern that dramatically improves adhesion and print success rate. The fastest printing speed can reach 50mm/h, and it only takes 2.5 hours to print the 120mm high miniature, which is 30 minutes less than the 3 hours of the competitive products.


    • Build volume: 165 mm x 130 mm x 80 mm
    • XY resolution: 51 μm
    • Z axis accuracy: 10 μm
    • Laser-engraved aluminum alloy printing platform
    •  Printing speed: ≤ 50 mm / 1.97 inches per hour


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