Boasting a huge 400mm of Z travel, the PRO 4K XL provides an exciting new build size for industrial applications including automotive, aerospace, consumer products, engineering and general additive manufacturing. Utilize the full 400mm Z height to manufacture custom orthotics quickly in a range of tough, durable polymers including Henkel, BASF and Evonik.

The PRO 4K XL is available with either 365nm, 385nm or 405nm Industrial-grade LEDs. 385nm UV LED recommended for most applications for precise layer curing and ability to process water-clear materials.

    • SPS technology for accurate layer formation
    • Build volume: 122 x 69 x 400 mm (PRO 4K 45 XL); 176.5 x 99 x 400 mm (PRO 4K 65 XL); and 217 x 122 x 400 mm (PRO 4K 80 XL)
    • Internal radiometer / light sensor for automatic LED intensity calibration
    • 385nm high-power industrial LED precision
    • Rapid material change-over without the need for calibration
    • On-board heater for custom control of heat sensitive materials
    • Simple and intuitive user controls

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