The PRO 4K combines the latest 4K imaging technology with Asiga’s well proven Smart Positioning System (SPS) to produce a build volume 3x larger than its desktop 3D printers.

Precision, reliability, speed and an Open Material System all come as standard
to provide production continuity for the most demanding digital manufacturing environments.

The PRO 4K Incorporating advanced pixel shifting technology to increase part accuracy and surface definition without affecting printing time. 4K mode is a standard feature on every PRO 4K, and native pixel mode is also available for scientific applications requiring deterministic pixel behavior.

    • Build volume: 122 x 69 x 200 mm (PRO 4K 45); 176.5 x 99 x 200 mm (PRO 4K 65); and 217 x 122 x 200 mm (PRO 4K 80)
    • No calibration needed between material changes
    • 3D print precision with 385 nm UV LEDs
    • LED wavelength: 385nm or 405nm (high power LEDs)
    • Unrestricted layer thickness
    • On-board heater for optimized environment control

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