Production System P-50

Desktop Metal

Designed to be the fastest way to 3D print metal parts at-scale, the P-50 leverages Desktop Metal’s patent-pending Single Pass Jetting technology and bi-directional printing to achieve speeds up to 100 times those of laser powder bed fusion technologies, producing parts in volumes and at costs competitive with conventional mass production techniques.

Featuring a state-of-the-art print bar with native 1200 dpi, an inert processing environment, and constant wave spreading for print bed uniformity, the P-50 offers the quality, reliability, and economics required for high-volume, end-use applications.

With a native resolution of 1200×1200 dpi and layer heights as small as 50 µm, the Production System is a precision binder jetting system that can 3D print parts with excellent surface finish and incredibly fine features.

  • Build size: 490 mm x 380 mm x 260 mm
  • Native 1200 dpi resolution
  • Max build rate: 12,000 cc/hr
  • Bi-directional print direction
  • Single Pass Jetting technology

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