Proxima 6.0 2K


Proxima 6.0 uses 405nm-wavelength UV integrated light to ensure a higher printing success rate.

Proxima 6.0 is capable of printing several models at one go. Reflector spotlight makes the light source more concentrated and even. 6″ 2K monochrome screen, prints pixels resolution at 2560*1620, and for single-pixel size 50 μm.

Upgraded monochrome screen improves permeability and print speed. Service life is more than doubled than that of ordinary color screens. When using Voxelab standard photopolymer resin, print speed is around 17-22 mm/h at 0.05mm layer resolution with a full grayscale anti-aliasing feature.

Linear rails ensure Z-axis move steadily, eliminates ridges on final prints, resulting in a smooth surface and delicate texture. A simple bed leveling system lets you level the platform in 15 seconds. Proxima 6.0 prints model with exquisite details. Compatible with most 405nm wavelength resins in the market: Standard Rapid, ABS-Like, Washable Resin, and more.


    • Build volume: 130 mm x 82 mm x 155 mm
    • Layer thickness: 0.025-0.1 mm
    • Printing speed: 17-22 mm/hr with 0.05 mm layer resolution
    • Full grayscale anti-aliasing
    • 405 nm LED light source

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