The Sapphire family of printers are next generation laser powder bed fusion metal AM printers capable of printing complex geometries including low angle prints down to zero degrees, high aspect ratio structures up to 3000:1, large inner diameters up to 100 mm, and support free free-floating parts previously thought impossible.

Low angles down to zero degrees enable previously impossible geometries and significantly less post processing. Large inner diameters up to 100 mm enables manifolds, volutes and crossovers.

Sapphire prints leak-free vertical tubes with wall thicknesses down to 300 microns, as tall as 400 mm. It can print low angle pins, down to 15 degrees, as small as 450 microns. Vertical pins can be printed as small as 150 microns.

High aspect ratios, up to 3000:1, enable high performance heat exchangers and assemblies to be produced with exceptional quality.

    • 1000 mm tall build volume
    • Low ppm O2 during normal operation
    • Active humidity monitoring
    • Ambient temperature and pressure operation
    • Highly regulated chamber gas flows
    • High efficiency spatter removal
    • Non-contact recoater
    • Per-layer 3D powder bed height mapping
    • Full-height printing without interruption for powder addition
      or filter changes

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