The SL1S features a new 5.96” monochrome LCD with a physical resolution of 2560×1620p. Taking advantage of the completely reworked optics and the new monochrome display technology, the SL1S offers a vastly improved print quality compared to its predecessor.

The SL1S features a 25% bigger print area compared to the SL1. The largest object that fits in the 127×80×150mm print area can finish under 4 hours (0.05mm layer height) or in 2 hours with 0.1mm layer height. This is also possible thanks to the nearly three times faster tilt compared to the SL1.

Configure your 3D printer with ease and see previews of sliced models before you start printing. Thanks to the 2.8’’, 240×320 LCD screen with 65.000 colors, every option is just a few clicks away.


    • Build volume: 127 mm x 80 mm x 150 mm
    • Min. layer height: 0.01 mm
    • 1.3-2.4 layers/s
    • XY axis resolution: .049 mm
    • Custom-designed 405 nm UV LED Panel

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