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The SLM 125 is a flexible manufacturing system with a powerful laser. The machine is used in particular for the production of prototypes and qualified components in small series. It processes all SLM metal powders, including reactive materials.

Offering a larger build plate and higher-powered laser than other similar-sized machines, the SLM 125 is a flexible manufacturing system to fit users’ specific needs. Metal additive manufacturing beginners can develop processes that scale to larger SLM systems, research institutes benefit from a material development toolkit and production facilities can run prototype, small series and qualified production components. All selective laser melting powders, including reactive materials, can be processed on the SLM 125.

All machines from SLM Solutions allow the use of materials from any supplier. This gives users the freedom to source qualified metal powder from SLM Solutions’ powder division or from their own supplier, as well as the flexibility to develop new alloys. The integrated SLM Build Processor and open software architecture offer the choice of running standard parameters supplied by SLM Solutions or to customize and optimize parameters to meet their production needs and gain a competitive advantage.

    • Variable installation space: 125 x 125 x 125 mm or 50 x 50 x 50 mm
    • Adaptable and robust for a wide range of applications
    • 400W high power fiber laser for flexible manufacturing
    • Variable layer thickness: 20 µm – 75 µm, more available on request
    • Beam focus diameter: 70 µm – 100 µm

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