Sonic XL 4K


Comprising the new Sonic 4K and Sonic Mini 4K, Phrozen’s latest resin 3D printers offer excellent value and yield fast, professional-grade results. The affordable Sonic Mini 4K version will perfectly suit makers and tech enthusiasts, while the Sonic 4K’s high resolution and speed are a match for dental applications.

The Phrozen Sonic XL 4K 2022 is a professional LCD-based MSLA 3D printer. It is equipped with a custom-made monochrome LCD screen with 4K resolution, which makes it capable of producing accurate prints in rapid times. Its large build area and extreme precision make it ideal for both jewelry design and dental applications.

The Sonic XL is an improved yet bigger version of the standard Phrozen Sonic model. It features a larger build area of 190 x 120 x 200 mm, giving you wider design possibilities. Like all the Phrozen resin printers, it is engineered with the proprietary ParaLED optical engine, a powerful system that relies on a parallel UV LED matrix backlight system. The new ParaLED 3.0 engine provides uniform light exposure to the entire build area, delivering high XY accuracy and print quality. It has been specifically designed for working with the self-developed monochrome LCD. Moreover, the machine boasts a resin heater and air purifying system for enhanced 3D printing experience.

With easy-to-use software and the new DS (Dental Synergy) slicer, the XL 4K  model is perfect for producing quality parts rich in details like rings, earrings, dental impressions, aligners, and more. Read our Phrozen Sonic XL review to learn more about this printer.


    • Build volume: 190 x 120 x 200 mm
    • Material volume: 4.56 L
    • Max. printing speed: 90 mm/hr
    • 405nam ParaLED Matrix 3.0 lighting
    • XY resolution: 35 µm
    • Layer thickness: 0.01-0.30 mm

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