StoneFlower 3.0


The StoneFlower 3.0 is designed to precisely print clay/porcelain, concrete, pastes, paints etc.
It combines volumetric feed from ram extruder with accurate deposition of the
material through advanced all-metal print head. StoneFlower is the first commercial 3D
printer that also does a rapid liquid printing.

The complete mechanism of 3D printing a part or functional prototype on the StoneFlower 3.0 is done by TMC Drivers and Nema 23 Stepper motors. TMC Drivers ensures you do not lose any of the progress done on the printer even after facing an electricity outage. Whereas Nema 23 Stepper motors ensure smooth movement of the print bed and nozzle system on the construction of the printer.

A tray that comes with the StoneFlower 3.0 can be placed for specific work such as, collection of parts once they are printed. IGUS bearings installed in the printer serve the special purpose of ensuring there is no harm even during dusty and humid conditions. The maximum build volume offered by the printer is 480 mm x 480 mm x 480 mm, which lets you print large parts in one go. For ensuring a good surface finish you can use various nozzles of diameters ranging from 0.5 to 7 mm on the printer.


    • Build volume: 480 mm x 480 mm x 480 mm
    • Nozzle size: 0.25 – 8 mm
    • Layer height: 0.3 – 4 mm
    • 1.5 L volumetric extruder capacity (can be upgraded with second extruder)
    • 5-inch touchscreen with web-interface
    • Compatible with all slicing software

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