TruPrint 1000


The next generation of the TruPrint 1000 comes with even higher productivity and premium quality, thanks to the full-field multi-laser and completely redesigned homogeneity of the gas flow.

The TruPrint 1000 is intended for processing metal powders using the laser metal fusion process, also known as Power Bed Fusion. Due to the high level of robustness and quality in 3D printing, the TruPrint 1000 is not only perfectly suited for the dental market, but also impressive in the R&D area or in small series production.

The new design of the TruPrint 1000 is optimally structured so that the machine fits through a standard door and can find its place in any laboratory, e.g. in the dental field or in universities.

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    • Multi-laser 2 x 200 W and automatic substrate plate change
    • Redeveloped gas flow and improved laser focus stability
    • Inert powder cycle with glove box and interchangeable cylinders
    • Adjustable spot diameter (55/80 µm) and detailed process analysis
    • Lower part costs through preform, multi-plate and hybrid, digital chain

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