VX1000 HS


The VX1000 HSS is a high performance 3D printing system for additive manufacturing of polymers. Designed for continuous use in industrial production. Automatable and highly productive, the VX1000 HSS is an economically viable alternative to conventional plastic injection molding.

Fully automated, the VX1000 HSS is able to produce medium and large batch sizes in series with minimal personnel requirements and with virtually no interruption and extremely cost-efficiently. Depending on the task at hand, the VX1000 HSS can be flexibly expanded by a modular automation concept and optimally adapted to production needs.

The VX1000 HSS offers a maximum of traceability and process reliability. Equipped with a large number of sensors, it is perfectly prepared for the requirements of smart production chains.

    • Build volume: 180 x 1,000 x 540 mm
    • Up to 360 dpi print resolution
    • 216 L per job
    • Utilizes Polymer High Speed Binder Jetting process
    • Emission-free casting for improved environmental and working conditions
    • Ideal compatibility with aluminium alloys
    • Tool-free production from prototypes to medium

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