The VX1000 is a robust and popular industrial 3D printing system. Our VX1000 can print medium-sized sand molds and cores for metal casting to investment casting patterns and high-performance ceramic components.

The VX1000 can process all common voxeljet material systems, depending on the material configuration. The construction volume of 1000 x 600 x 500 mm, is ideally suited for the cost-effective production of prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series orders.

Depending on the equipment, the VX1000 allows the processing of furan or phenolic resin binders and is therefore compatible with various quartz sands and ceramic special sands and ceramics for mold and core production.

When the production of investment casting models is required, the 3D printing system with the PMMA material set offers a suitable solution. The 3D-printed models behave like conventional wax patterns and can be seamlessly integrated into existing production chains, whether for flexible prototype construction or dynamic small-series production.

    • Build volume: 2,300 x 2,420 x 2,600 mm
    • 300 L build volume
    • Up to 600 dpi print resolution
    • 150-300 µm layer thickness
    • Environmentally friendly due to inorganic binder compatibility
    • Cost efficient processes due to recyclability of loose powder (depending on the process)

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