WarpSPEE3D is the world’s first large format metal 3D printer to use patented SPEE3D technology that enables significantly faster, more cost-effective and more scalable production than traditional manufacturing.

While LightSPEE3D is ideal for materials experimentation, process development and printing small parts, due to its increased print size the WarpSPEE3D machine is geared towards production.

With a deposition rate of 100 g/min, a maximum part build size of ø 1000 x 700mm and a maximum part weight of 40 kg, WarpSPEE3D is able to produce industrial components in a matter of hours that would typically take 6-12 months using traditional casting methods.

    • Maximum part size: ø 1m x 0.7m (approx.)
    • Deposition rate: 100g/minute (maximum)
    • 35 Bar, 1.0m3/min compressed air supply

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